key elements



3 key elements determine our approach


Growtth® consultants are Lean Management experts with specialized knowledge of lean process and lean organizational development.

This expertise includes excellent methodological skills, combined with sensitivity to critical management issues and many years of practical experience.

Effective results

Opinions and viewpoints are very important to us, however only facts count when measuring improvements. Clear, unambiguous results can only be shown by measurable improvements.

Growtth® clients profit from our reliable interpretations of data and facts which lead to performance increases in areas such as efficiency, costs, and lead-times. Growtth® guarantees the forecasted results for mutually agreed initiatives from the beginning of an assignment.

Emotional process support

Today more than ever, organizational success depends on the competence and willingness to confront challenges.


Fear and uncertainty, especially in the early stages of a change process, determine the behavior of management and employees. Winning hearts and minds, training and accompaniment of the change process are elements of emotional process support which is one success factors of Growtth® Consulting.