stands for „Get Rid Of Waste Through Team Harmony"


"We understand Team Harmony as basis for successful team work between Management, Employees and our Consultants – especially in challenging situations."

Frank Tempel, Founder

Created by Business for Business

Growtth® Consulting Europe GmbH was founded in 1996 in Germany, after more than 10 successful years in Japan and the USA.


We are an international consultancy, headquartered in Starnberg, near Munich, specialized in optimizing value chains encompassing direct, indirect / administration and support activities.

We hold exclusive license rights for the Growtth® methodology which was developed together with the Freudenberg Corporation.

Management Behavior

Management behavior has most influence on the establishment of a successful improvement culture. An important feature of our work is the emotional support given during difficult periods of change processes - interaction between management, employees and consultants forges sustainable success.


We work world-wide with a multi-national team of full-time consultants. Growtth® Consulting has not only international experience but more importantly inter-cultural competence.